Nearly Free Unlimited Wifi/3G VoIP Calling on Android Phones

Posted by March 24, 2011

This post is inspired by post on xda-developers.

So here is guide to get starting with your Wifi or 3G Voip experience.

  1. Get a SIP Account:
    A) Purchase a Gizmo5 account (eBay around $5 to $10). (I purchased from buildfruitkit.)
    B)  Or try a free SipGate account (Note: I haven’t tested this but might be worth a try before buying a Gizmo5 account.)
  2. Log into -> Change email -> Change password -> Write down your Sip Number
  3. On PC: -> Voice Settings -> Add another phone
    1. Name: SIP
    2. Number: Your Sip Number (no “1″ beforehand)
    3. Phone Type: Gizmo
    4. Save
    5. Verify the number (click Connect, it will call, Sipdroid will ring, enter the two numbers)
    6. You now have free incoming calls! Yay!
  4. On phone: Download CSipSimple OR Sipdroid from the Android Market:
    • CSipSimple (Seems to be better than Sipdroid) :
      1. Open app. Wait for files to download
      2. “Easy Configuration” Screen:
        1. “Integrate with Android”: Leave checked
        2. Availability Profile: Choose based on preference
        3. “I’m allowed to use mobile”: Check this if you want to call over 3G
      3. Add Account:
        1. Select Sipgate or Generic Wizards -> Basic
        2. Account name: Anything (I put “Gizmo”)
        3. User: Your full sip number (including 1 beforehand)
        4. Server:
        5. Password: Your Gizmo password
      4. It should show up in the accounts list as Green and Registered
    • Sipdroid:
      1. Open App -> Settings -> SIP Account
        1. Authorization Username: Your Sip Number (including a “1″ beforehand)
        2. Password: Your Gizmo password
        3. Server or Proxy:
        4. Username or Caller ID: Your Sip Number again (including a “1″ beforehand)
        5. Port: 5060
      2. Settings -> Advanced Options
        1. Use STUN Server: Check this box
        2. STUN Server name:
        3. STUN Server port: 3478
      3. (Optional: if you find calls too quiet) Sipdroid -> Settings -> Audio/Video -> Earpiece Gain -> High or Highest
  5. For outgoing calls, download “Google Voice Callback FREE” from the Android Market (no need to purchase Gizmo5 credit)
    A) Sign in with your Google username/password.
    B) Choose your callback number (select Gizmo), and select “Ask every time” or “Always (when possible)” based on your preference.
  6. Calling:
    A) Incoming calls: These should be routed through CSipSimple/Sipdroid (as long as the app is running).
    B) Outgoing calls: Use the stock dialer. GV Callback Free should pop up -> Tell it to call you back. This will make it act as an incoming call just like.

Hope this helps others out there.

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