HTC Desire Hidden Tips and Tricks

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HTC Desire is one of the best selling android phone till now. This smartphone delivers intense brilliance, sharp contrast, and true colors on the expansive 3.7-inch SuperTFT display. The 1 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor makes the phone incredibly responsive as you multitask from app to app without skipping a beat, while the instinctive HTC Sense experience lets you wield the power of the HTC Desire with the greatest of ease.

Battery Saving Tips

  • Use only WCDMA Mode instead of GSM / WCDMA, it’ll tremendously improve battery life. May not be good for those in poor 3g coverage areas. Can be set by going into Settings -> Wireless and Networks -> Mobile Networks -> Network Mode
  • At home, switch to Wi-Fi and the mobile data connection is automatically disabled. Wi-Fi on the Desire drains the least amount of battery life.
  • Screen brightness can be reduced down to 10% indoors but needs 50% outdoors under a bright and sunny day. A good app for adjusting screen brightness is the Quick Settings app or the Dazzle Configurable Switcher.
  • Call *#*#4636#*#* to view more detailed information on your battery usage.
  • Do NOT use task killers as they actually drain more battery. The Android OS can intelligently manage idle applications on its own therefore apps can be left running in the background.
  • Use as few widgets as possible, especially the widgets that constantly refresh for new information. (Twitter, FaceBook, Weather etc)
  • Don’t use a live theme.
  • Use a dark wallpaper.
  • Stop friendstream, facebook & peep updating every 5mins. Set mine to manual.
  • Set email app to manual

Recovery Mode

  • Recovery is only accessible via Fast Boot on the desire
  • To access Fast boot, firstly power off the device.
  • With device off press and hold the volume down key, keep this held down, and press the power button and release power button.
  • You are now in Fast boot. (Release the volume down key)
  • You will be presented with the Fast boot menu.
  • Use the volume up and down to move to different options in the menu.
  • Select the Recovery option using the power button to select.
  • You will then be presented with a screen similar to the G1/G2 handsets (picture of phone with warning triangle)
  • Press volume up and power at same time to get recovery options.
  • You will then be presented with the recovery menu.
  • Again use the volume up and down to change options and power key to select

Long-pressing the Stand-by key

Long-pressing the Stand-by key brings up options to:
- Power off (obviously)
- Toggle Silent mode
- Toggle Vibration mode
- Toggle Airplane mode
- Toggle Mobile network
The last 4 items are particularly handy since that means you don’t need dedicated widgets on your homescreen for them.
Pressing the Volume Down key after the ring volume is 0% will toggle on Silent mode and then Vibration mode. Similarly, pressing Volume Up key will toggle it back the other way.


  • The middle round input button on the bottom section of a phone is also an optical trackpad. Use it to fine tune your cursor. E.g. swipe the optical trackpad to correct a spelling mistake on the 3rd letter of a word.
  • Long press on the Home (house) button brings up the list of currently running applications. You can switch over to a running application quickly that way.
  • Long press on the Menu button brings up the QWERTY keypad on applications that require input.

To quickly move widgets across screens.

1. Tap and hold a widget.
2. With another finger, swipe across the optical pad to the screen you want to land on.
3. Release the widget.
The Home key also functions when you’re holding a widget. So if you want to move a widget from the far left to the center screen, you just have to tap and hold, press Home, and then release the widget.

Adding New Ringtones/SMS Notifications/Alarms.

  • To add new ringtones or SMS alerts, connect your Hero to USB and mount the device on your PC. Browse to the following folders:
    If these folders do not currently exist, then just create them yourself.

SMS Alerts:
Alarm Alerts:

Copy your mp3 files into the appropriate folder above then go to:

Settings > sound and display > phone ringtone
Settings > sound and display > notification sound
Set the sound when adding a new alarm.

Then select the ringtone you put in the above folder(s).

Sync from  Outlook

Sync your contact from Outlook to Phone and then from Phone to Google

  • Menu > People > Menu > View > Phone
    Still in People, now showing all contacts under Phone.
  • Menu > Export to SD card
    Once done exporting to SD card.
  • Menu > Import from SD card > Select Google
    Now that your Phone contact will be imported to Google.
  • Perform a Google contact Sync.
  • Wait and all contact should be Sync to your Google contacts in no time!
  • Note: You can do the above too, if you changed your phone and import the contact from SIM to phone and Sync to Google contacts.

Other use full tips

In Mail or Messages application, tapping on the contact picture brings up several icons for you to do one of the following:
- Call the contact
- View the person’s contact card
- Send SMS
- Send email
- Send IM via Google Talk

  • In the dialer, tapping the contact card icon on the right of each item will take you to the respective contact card. Tapping the plus icon allows you to add that number to your contact list.
  • In the dialer, if you don’t input any numbers and you don’t select anybody on the list and you just tap "Call", it will call the person on the top of the dialer list.
  • In the dialer, scrolling (either swiping the list or using the optical trackpad) will hide the number pad.
  • In the dialer, swiping laterally on the optical pad will toggle between different phone numbers of the selected contact.
  • Calculator can be rotated into landscape via accelerometer to transform into a scientific calculator.
  • To unlock the device, you don’t actually have to swipe downwards on the barnear the bottom of the screen. You can begin your downward swipe anywhere and then let go once you make contact with the bar.
  • To see the current date, just tap on the notification bar and it will be displayed in the upper-left corner of the screen.
  • In camera application, tap and hold on a spot to focus there and take the picture.
  • The word suggestion bar (that appears during text editing) can be moved by tapping, holding and dragging it.
  • Press the Back key to hide the on-screen keyboard.

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